Deposit Insurance (DI) Return (Half Yearly)
Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation     Explanatory Document
Return for the assessment of Premium for the HY ending:
(Premium payable in advance within 2 months of beginning of each financial HY)
Insured Bank Code / Registration No :   
Insured Bank Name and Address
Last Date for Payment of above premium is  
If the date of premium payment is later than last date,enter the date of payment of premium (DD/MM/YY)
 1. Total Deposits (in Rs.'000) in India as at close of business as on .
of which  
(a).  Deposits of Foriegn Governments (in Rs.'000)
(b).  Deposits of Central Government (in Rs.'000)
(c).  Deposits of State Governments (in Rs.'000)
(d).  Inter BankDeposits (in Rs.'000)
(e).  Any Other deposits specifically exempted by DICGC (in Rs.'000)
 2. Any Other balance due to a depositor not clubbed under 'Deposits' at 1 above (in Rs.'000)
 3. Assessable Deposits    [1-(a+b+c+d+e)+2]  (in Rs.'000) 0
 4. Current Premium Payable @ paise per annum per Rs.100 deposits (in Rupees) # 0
 5. Penal Interest on delay in payment of current premium (Penal interest @ Bank Rate + 8%)(in Rupees)  * 0
 6. DICGC Credit Note Adjustment(in Rupees)
 7. DICGC Debit Note Adjustment(in Rupees)
 8.  Net Amount Payable(in Rupees)  (4+5-6+7) 0
 9.  Break-up of Assessable Deposits at Item No.3. 
  Size Of Deposits No Of Accounts Assessable Deposits (in Rs.'000)
 i) Up to & inclusive of Rs.1,00,000/-
 ii) Over Rs.1,00,000/- & up to Rs.2,00,000/-
 iii) Over Rs.2,00,000/- & up to Rs.3,00,000/-
 iv) Over Rs.3,00,000/-
  Total @ 0 0
Payment Details :
  Payment Mode :

Remittance Date  
We hereby certify that to the best of our knowledge, the above particulars in are correct and agree with the books and records of the bank.We also confirm that DI-01 Return for the previous assessment period has been prepared and sent to DICGC.
Name & Designation of First Authorised Official Name & Designation of Second Authorised official
Signature of the
Authorised Officials
#As per Section 15(1) of DICGC Act,1961 the maximum premium that can be levied is 15 paise p.a. for every Rs. 100/-deposit.
* In terms of Regulation 20 of the DICGC General Regulations, 1961, penal interest is chargeable on the amount of premium payable or on the unpaid portion thereof, as the case may be
@ Bank Rate + 8% P.A. from the beginning of the half year till the date of receipt of payment at DICGC, Mumbai.
@ Total of assessable deposits at item No.9 should tally with total of assessable deposits at item No. 3